CCMMMA produces scientific papers on international journals, chapters of books, conference presentation and posters in different science fields ranging from applied mathematics to computer science and from earth system sciences to engineering.

Computer Science

Agrillo G., CCMMMA presentation, 2012

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Atmospheric science

Zinzi A., Modellistica Meteorologica a Piccola Scala - Parte 2- 2012/'13 PhD course lecture

Zinzi A., Modellistica Meteorologica a Piccola Scala - Parte 1 - 2012/'13 PhD course lecture

Marzano F.S., Budillon G., Picciotti E., Montopoli M., Zinzi A., Buonocore B., X-band weather radar monitoring real-time products in Rome and Naples urban areas, Tyrrhenian Workshop 2012 on Advances in Radar and Remote Sensing, 2012

Riccio A., G. Agrillo, A. Zinzi, R. Montella, R. Di Lauro. CCMMMA: servizi di modellistica ambientale per la previsione meteorologica e di qualità dell'aria ad alta risoluzione spaziale - Quinto Convegno Nazionale sul Particolato Atmosferico (PM2012) . Abstract available at:

Zinzi A., R. Montella, G. Agrillo, A. Riccio, and G. Budillon, Validation of the Uniparthenope ARW-WRF Model for a Convective Case Study, 92nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (January 22-26, 2012). Available at

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