The “Sanitary and Environmental Engineering” research group at “Parthenope” University of Naples has offices, one lab equipped with several computer workstations for data analysis, one with several tools and electronic devices specialized for environmental monitoring, one warehouse for special platforms/devices (e.g. Drones/UAS, tethered balloon, IR radiometric output cameras, etc.).

Our research activities are focused both on conventional topics of Sanitary Environmental Engineering and new/emerging ones. In recent years, we have introduced new methods and technology applications that exceed the current limitations of traditional methods of pollution detection. We have developed new integrated systems for detecting, evaluating, and tracking signs of environmental contamination/illicit using a variety of advanced aerial platforms, a suite of advanced sensors and new detection software for a full 3D Environmental Monitoring. Aerial platform examples include: manned aircraft and helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV, UAS, Drones) and, today, we have one drone (NaturalDrones StillFly), designed and manufactured in accordance with our specific missions/payload requirements. The advanced onboard sensors include an array of multispectral and electro-optical infrared cameras and, moreover, standard physical, chemical and biological monitoring devices.

The developed system, once tested in research activities, has been validated by several Italian Government Agencies (e.g. Public Prosecutor's Office, Coastguard, Finance Police, State Forestry Corps, etc.) and is currently being used for detecting pollution and environmental crimes in official forensic activities. The results of our current research activities provide an example of where law enforcement and university research teams can collaborate on developing enhanced environmental protection methods. In recent years, we developed a spinoff, several technical papers and we have cooperated with international research groups and, particularly, with U.S. teams (e.g. University of California – San Diego, University of Maryland, EPA, etc.), developing joint projects/programs and participating at events/workshops (e.g. AIRNOW NAQC, etc.).

Resources: RAI 1 – TG1 (in Italian) RAI 2- trasmissione EVA: lo spettacolo della scienza (in Italian) Videos